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For the Sweet Ones

This delightful book’s dedication (see headline above) is well chosen. All the characters are sweet, especially for a late toddler audience. The young pups are playful (swimming, running and wrestling) and the adults are heroic role models and caring parents. It is easy to imagine just the confident, powerful and fearless dog that Lil will soon become!

— Bill Goodwin


A good book for kids

Like: It is a good, uplifting story. The pictures look good. They describe the story really well. The theme of the story is: if you are small, you can still be mighty.

Review by: Cody, age 10.

— Tim R Esterdahl


Sweet Book

Very sweet book. I look forward to reading it to my son when he’s born next month. It’s printed well, the quality of the book itself is great.. nice sturdy pages, good artwork. Overall Good but If you have kids.

Joseph Holub



Purchased this as a gift for a new grand nephew so adorable it has become a family favorite

Sharlene H.


Imaginative and fun

I’m intrigued by the concept behind this book/series-to-be. Author Bruce Dierking’s first book in the Power Paws series is a winner. The books in the series are designed to take the reader from puppyhood, er, childhood, through age 10, focusing on the growth and maturing thought and physical abilities of the reader by showcasing them in the books’ characters. There should be much to discuss and think about here.

The illustrations by Penny Weber are imaginative and fun. We see Lil Paw in action, playing with her siblings, and her dreams are big. She comes from a water dog family, which to be simplistic, is a large pawed, strong breed used for water rescue. Lil Paw is still a pup, however, but aspires to grow up just like her mother, a champion water dog, and father, a champion at rescue.

I’m looking forward to following this story as it evolves. Thanks to #NetGalley and #CircleDPublishing LLC for introducing me to Lil Paw. My Daisy dog sends her some virtual licks.

— Daisy Reads 2
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