Meet The Paws


Pa Paw
Pa is a Sheriff Dog who goes to work with Jo every day. He works alongside her to help find missing people and animals, perform search and rescue operations and solve crimes. Pa’s special talent is his amazing sense of smell—he can track most anything anywhere.


Ma Paw
Ma is a water dog champion who has won many trophies in water dog trials, especially for her dock diving. When she is not competing, she works closely with Ryan in dog training. Along with the rest of the family, she is often pulled in to help Sheriff Jo and Pa perform rescues and solve crimes. Her special talents are the ability to see nearly everything (almost like she has eyes in the back of her head) and her incredible sense of hearing.


Sis Paw
Oldest of the children, Sis is nearly a full-grown dog. She is the fastest swimmer in the family and has started competing in water dog trials like her mother. She is not only brave but also very humble and kind, always looking out for her younger siblings.


Bubby Paw
Bubby is a typical middle brother, always trying to compete with his older sister and one-up her in some way, and often teasing and picking on his little sister. Although he cannot swim as fast as Sis, he is very quick on land and possibly the best wrestler in the family. Bubby is more likely to brag about and exaggerate his own accomplishments, but he is also extremely protective of his whole family.


Lil Paw
Youngest of the brood and still only a few months old, Lil is eager to keep up with the rest of the family, but she still has a lot to learn. She is secretly afraid of water and cannot swim yet. For now, Lil Paw’s special powers are her irresistible cuteness and biting with her razor-sharp puppy teeth.