Meet The Humans


Sheriff Jo
Jo is the Lake County Sheriff and takes great pride in keeping the people and animals safe in her jurisdiction. With so many rivers, lakes, and waterways, there is not only a lot of ground to cover, but also a lot of water. That’s one reason why Jo chose Pa, a Portuguese Water Dog, to be her K-9 companion. Together, they perform search and rescue missions, find missing people and pets, and keep Lake County one of the safest and most pleasant places around.


Married to Jo, Ryan is a successful dog trainer and coach. He helped train
Pa to be Jo’s Sheriff K-9, and he has worked with Ma for years to help her develop into a champion in Water Dog Trials (competitions where Water Dogs test their skills in and around the water). Ryan holds dog training classes and does one-on-one dog training for folks in Lake County, and Ma and the pups often help him with those.