The Power Paws™ series is a collection of children’s books designed to grow with children from birth to age 10 by evolving in complexity and maturity to track with a child’s intellectual and emotional growth and reading abilities.

Set in the fictional, semi-rural locale of Lake County, the series follows the Power Paws, a family of Water Dogs and their human companions, Jo, who is the County Sheriff, and Ryan, who is a dog trainer and coach.

As water dogs, the Power Paws have large, powerful paws and are great swimmers, except for Lil Paw, who is just a puppy and afraid of water. Each of them possesses one or more special talents or abilities. Using those talents and abilities, the Power Paws not only compete in water dog trials, but they also help Ryan train other dogs and Sheriff Jo perform search and rescue missions and solve crimes.

Pa Paw is the Law

Keeping the people and pets of Lake County safe is a big job, but PaPaw and Sheriff Jo are up to the challenge! Pa loves being a Sheriff dog, but there is another job he loves even more.

Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw

It’s hard being the youngest and smallest one in the family. Especially when your bedtime comes first, and you are feeling sad and afraid. Lil is just a pup, but she’s got big dreams, and nothing is going to hold her back!